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Welcome to China Mood, part of the China Bird Network - UK.


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 China Mood is part of the China Bird Network...

Although encouraging charity, China Mood is also a freeware site..!
The site was set up in 1999, under a different domain name.
It provides useful information, whilst reflecting the culture of Chinese tradition.
The freeware is totally ad free and contains no malware whatsoever.

The first thing you should notice is the absence of adverts.
The site is located right here in the UK.

All freeware is written by one programmer, and is a none profit site.
Some of the programmes were written for self use, but later evolved into freeware.

The file you download, is a standard zip file.

To use...
(1) Check the zips MD5 for security.
(2) Extract the file (Do not run from the zip).
Installation now uses the official MSI.
After any install or un-install, please restart your machine.
Windows 8. and 10, are highly secure, and do most system and data updating during startup or close down.

As with all downloads, you will get warnings from the windows security.
This is normal, and requires your permission.
It is strongly advised you do not get tempted into lowering your security settings, as this is unnecessary and runs future risks.
Giving permission to install as administrator is only required to allow data reading, and serves no security risk.
Lowering your settings allows other unscrupulous programmes to perform system changes.
As previously stated, the programme is installed via the MSI, and is totally risk free.

What the site is suggesting is for you to make a donation to a charity of your own choosing.
The site does no accept any charity donations on or of behalf of charities.
You simply go to a charity site, and make a donation directly to them.
It would be nice if you mentioned who suggested the donation, but not important.

China Bird evolved from my own experiences from within China.
China is an incredible country steeped in cultural and phenomenal beauty.
Breath taking scenery, that I have personally photographed, and available on the main site.
I'm no photographer, and the camera was cheap, but the pictures still manage to reflect the beauty of the country.

Thailand is also included and many of its beautiful people that I have met and befriended.
I hope you enjoy your visit to China Mood.

I hope you enjoy China Mood, and if you have any Chinese materials, stories, or suggestions that may improve the site, please drop me a line.
Thanks for visiting China Mood...
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China Mood.

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