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This site belongs to the China Bird Network, right here in the UK.
This is a freeware site, set up to give an insight into China and its culture.
The site and all its content are ad free, and contain no malware whatsoever.
The site does not spy on you, and membership is simply an option.

For your own security only ever download my software from this site, then make use of the MD5 checksum for authentication.

As an all round programmer, I attempt to provide my freeware and services, in the hope that those who find it useful, could possibly make a donation to a charity of their own choosing.

Please make any and all donations directly to the charity concerned, as I do not accept donations on their behalf.

Thank you for visiting.

There are no adverts or pop up screens, just totally honest free programs, and services. When you download my programmes, you can be assured that there are no added third party programmes or malware.

The file you download, is a standard zip file.
(1) Remain connected to the Internet during setup.
(2) Check the zips MD5 for security.
(3) Extract the file (Do not run from the zip).
(4) Right click and then select. Run as administrator.
The above is essential to register data for the programme.
Installation uses the official MSI. After any install or un-install, please restart your machine.
Windows 8. and 10, are highly secure, and do most system and data updating during startup or close down.

Yin and Yang

I hope you enjoy your visit, and if you have any Chinese materials, stories, or suggestions that may improve the site, please drop me a line.
Thanks for visiting...

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